Our Mission
To empower recovery and wellness through Choice, Connection, and Community.


        • We offer one-to-one peer support on a 24-hour basis.
        • We are a team of trained peers who offer support based on our own recovery and wellness experiences.
        • Our program is guided by approaches that are peer-developed, strength-based and wellness-oriented.
        • We support people; creating a connection with recovery and wellness in their own way.
        • We encourage people to stay connected to supporters in their home community.


    • We are part of a larger learning community of people who value recovery and wellness.
    • We collaborate with community partners in regional and statewide recovery initiatives.
    • We support guests by linking them with resources in their home communities.
    • We offer our knowledge of recovery and wellness to people in the community.
    • We offer opportunities for peers to engage in peer led recovery and wellness activities.


  • We’re free and open to people in Wisconsin who need and want peer support to navigate or avoid a crisis related to mental health and/or substance-use challenges.
  • Respite is a choice to consider for people who want and need peer support rather than care or treatment.
  • Prospective guests refer themselves and meet with a respite team member to explore if a respite stay will work.
  • The average guest stay is between one and seven days.
  • Guests are free to have visitors and to spend time in the community.
  • Guests are free to choose from a variety of activities that support wellness.

To learn more about the respite, please visit:
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