Core Trainings for Our Program

Our program is built around core trainings grounded in the values of peer support.

  • They are all peer-developed, trauma-informed and wellness-oriented.
  • They are strength-based and support self-direction.
  • They are recognized and sought both nationally and internationally by peers and their allies.



Intentional Peer Support (IPS): Co-learning that makes three shifts

  • from helping to learning
  • from individual to relationship
  • from fear to hope



Emotional CPR (eCPR): Teaches anyone to assist others through an emotional crisis.

  • Connecting: deep listening and creating emotional safety
  • emPowering: tapping into personal power, hopes, and dreams
  • Revitalizing: renewal of energy and focus on next steps



Wellness Recovery Actional Planning (WRAP): based on five key recovery concepts

  • hope
  • personal responsibility
  • education
  • support
  • self-advocacy



Learning Community Approach

  • The Wisconsin vision for peer-run respites is one of community engagement, inclusion and collaboration.
  • A learning community is relationship-based, not place-based; partners share common values or beliefs and are actively engaged in learning together from each other.
  • We will develop our program within the framework of a learning community that extends far beyond our specific geographical location.