Details About the Stay

  • Open and free to anyone in Wisconsin who needs and wants peer support to navigate or avoid a crisis related to mental health and/or substance use challenges.
  • One-to-one Peer Support is the primary service offered and is available day or night.
  • We are staffed by trained peers: people who have experienced mental health or substance use challenges and have firsthand experience with navigating crisis. Our programs are peer-developed, trauma-informed, and wellness oriented.
  • We provide an alternative option for people who want peer support for self-directed healing rather than traditional care and treatment services.
  • The average guest will stay between one to seven days and staff will provide linkages to community resources.
  • Entrance begins with self-referral and a conversation between the person considering respite and a member of the respite team.
  • Our vision is to be part of the larger community.  We are collaborating with regional partners to increase and strengthen wellness and recovery services for people in our region.



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