Service Areas:
Adult and Child Physical Health Monitoring | Individual Skill Development | Wellness Management

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My name is Teresa Kruger. I am a 230 hour certified yoga and meditation instructor. I’ve been actively practicing yoga since 1999. I first came to yoga as a way to supplement my already existing workout and running routine.

The more I practiced yoga, the more I started to discover not only the physical benefits, but also the mental and spiritual benefits.

I love teaching students who are new to yoga and at a beginner’s level. I’m also trained to work specifically with individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives. I am currently working on becoming certified to work with individuals in jail and prison settings.

I’m excited to expand my teaching practice and work with people in more one-on-one sessions.

I also love art, nature, photography, music, travel, and adventures both big and small. I feel that my own personal experiences in life related to trauma, abuse, and substance related challenges combined with healing through my own yoga practice has given me a unique perspective and experience in my own healing journey.


Service Areas:
Wellness Management | Individual Skill Development

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Hello, my name is Jeremy. I was born and raised in Southern CA. After being discharged from the Air Force I made my way to Iowa and then finally here in Wisconsin.

I have had many obstacles in my life and had to work hard to overcome them. They had brought me to some dark places, yet have made me feel stronger about all my accomplishments. I have worked in healthcare for 20 years, learning everything from physical health to spiritual health. I have an Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I have studied culture, religion, gender, and society. All these have helped me develop a holistic view on health and wellbeing.

Helping others has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I learn from others’ experiences that which I may never get to experience myself. I enjoy seeing others grow and enjoy in life.

I spend my spare time learning. I love researching anything that catches my interest. I also love cleaning; I find it therapeutic and can lose myself in it. Another big hobby of mine is cooking. I prefer all aspects of my meals to be homemade as much as possible. I am married with three children and the dinner table is our favorite place to connect.


Service Areas:
Adult Peer Support | Individual Skill Development

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My name is Ann. I grew up in southern Minnesota (please no Viking jokes) on a dairy/crop farm. I have lived in Wisconsin for 5 years. I believe in Midwest Nice!

My journey in life has not been smooth sailing. It has been filled with mental illness and addiction. But I believe that the hard times form you into who you are. I try to find good out of bad, and use these experiences to develop your faith and strengths. I find meditation to be beneficial and do this daily.

I have an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science and am a Certified Medical Assistant. Prior to this I raised and trained horses for 20 years. I enjoyed coaching many people in the steps of horsemanship.

I have a passion for making a difference in people’s lives. I am very compassionate, empathetic and understanding. I do not judge people I support them. I feel my life experiences can assist others going through challenging times.

At the end of the day there is no greater reward than making a difference in someone’s life.
In my free time I am with family, friends and my dog Casey. I enjoy horses, lake life, flower gardening and entertaining. I have two grandsons and one granddaughter. This Grammy thing is a whole new love!


Service Areas:
Adult Peer Support | Individual Skill Development

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I’m Morgan.  I have been in recovery since 2015.  It hasn’t been easy and it can feel like recovery is more work but I tell myself it’s worth it every day.  I decided to become a Certified Peer Specialist when college was making really stressed and I felt in crisis mode all the time.

I was hospitalized for my mental health for seven months and I ended up becoming more traumatized in the process. My goal is to help people find the right coping skills to keep them out the hospital. Mindfulness, yoga and being creative have helped me majorly to stay in recovery. I want people to know they’re not alone.

If I’m not at work, I can be found just hanging out with my fiancé watching him play video games. I have a cat named Sapphire. She is my joy and she knows when I’m having a bad day or need a migraine cuddle buddy. I love to go on nature hikes and take off my shoes to soak up the Earth. I have a passion for photography and I take photos on the side when I’m not busy.


Service Areas:
Wellness Management| Individual Skill Development | Physical Health Monitoring

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Hi, my name is Samantha! I am a Registered Dietitian and love working with people on their nutritional goals.  Throughout college I struggled with anxiety and an eating disorder. After this experience, I felt that my direction in life had changed and came into this field as a desire to help others with their own nutritional struggles. I have developed a love of working one on one with individuals of all ages with a range of nutritional goals. Through my own experiences, I learned quickly that having balance with food has a big impact on other areas of wellness in one’s life.

Other than moving around for school, I have lived in Western WI my whole life and love being in this area. I can often be found spending time with my husband and our dog, Lambeau (we are a family of Packer fans!). I love spending time outdoors, with family, baking and trying new recipes, and cozying up with a good book.

I look forward to assist others using your creativity and own experiences to help reach the goal you are working towards.


Service Areas:
Adult Peer Support | Individual Skill Development

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Although I was born in San Francisco, grew up in Colorado, and spent many years in Oregon, my life and heart belong in Wisconsin.

I have lived in my house in Menomonie for 10 years. My recovery has been greatly improved by the small town Wisconsin life I have pursued here.

When the weather permits, I love to walk on a trail on the Red Cedar River near my house. I enjoy textile endeavors such as spinning, weaving, dyeing, crocheting, and knitting. I have even sold my work at art fairs and to individuals who have seen my weaving.

But my main interest is my work in peer support. This has changed my life. I have worked as a teacher of Art and English, but being a Peer Support Specialist has opened my eyes to a new way of life. I see the world in a different light and I am grateful for the insight others have given me.

Working with others with mental health and substance use issues such as mine has given me insight I never thought possible. I am a new person.


Service Areas:
Individual Skill Development | Wellness Management | WRAP Facilitator

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Hello! I’m Mary! I’ve been with Grassroots Wellness for a year now and have fallen in love with it more everyday. The training opportunities and personal lessons I have learned while working with and around such amazing people has turned my life around in such a positive way.

If I am not working I can be found hanging out with my two kids… my son and my cat. If I find any free time I can usually be found roaming parts of Minnesota or Wisconsin trying to find the next trail to hike or video arcade to conquer.

I was always told to leave my personal life at the door and being a part of everything I have been the past year has shown me that you can be yourself with all of your strengths and weaknesses and still make a difference.

I am huge fan of using your creativity, struggles, and passion to help you achieve whatever it is you are working towards at whatever point you are in your life.


Service Areas:
Adult and Child Individual Skill Development | Wellness management | Adult and Child Physical Health Monitoring | Employment Related Skills

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Hello, my name is Jill. I have lived in Western Wisconsin my whole life but fortunately I have been able to travel quite a bit, too.

My journey in life has not been the easiest, but I can now look back and be proud of myself for overcoming difficult obstacles that life sometimes throws at us.

People say I’m stubborn and strong-willed, which, to me, is a good thing; I wouldn’t be where I am at today if I wasn’t. I have always loved helping individuals to better themselves from the inside out.

I was a personal trainer for 12 plus years with experience working with children, adolescents and adults.

I was also a Doula, helping women through their pregnancy and childbirth.

I have even developed a passion for animal therapy, specifically Equine Therapy. I am hoping to become certified in Equine Therapy within the next year to work with individuals who suffer from PTSD, trauma, mental illness and substance abuse addictions.

I love to listen and understand the history of a person and help them on the path to recovery.

In my spare time I enjoy being around my animals, which include 4 cats, 2 dogs, 6 horses, and lots of chickens. Working outside and being around the animals is my therapy. Along with all of these animals, I have a blended family that includes a boyfriend and 9 children. It is a crazy household but I wouldn’t change a thing.


Service areas:
Individual Skill Development | Wellness Management

Availability: Currently Available for CCS Assignment

My name is Craig. I have worked in education and the mental health field for most of my adult life. It has not always been easy, but, my experiences have been enjoyable and meaningful.

The people I have had the pleasure of working with have taught me a great deal and have provided me with many things to ponder over the years. They have helped me shape my beliefs and perspective that people are much more alike than different.

I have dealt with a number of difficulties throughout my life; there are still things I work on. I have found strategies to help cope and adapt to my challenges.

I am eager to meet people with similar life challenges and operate within a new role. I am looking forward to this opportunity to assist individuals in identifying and achieving their personal goals.


Service areas:
Individual Skill Development | Wellness Management

Availability: Currently Unavailable for CCS Assignment

I am originally from the Madison/Milwaukee area and moved in 2012 to finish my degree at the University of Wisconsin – Stout. I did not intend to stay once I graduated, but it did not take long for me to fall in love with the community and the area.

I studied painting while I was at Stout and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I actively paint and much of my work promotes awareness for the transgender community. I am also a vlogger; I make videos on LGBTQIA+ topics. Similar to my studio work, much of my videos are trans related topics.

Aside from my creative side, I dedicate most of my time to the transgender community; I speak at various events for transgender awareness topics and at schools ranging from middle school to college level. I also run a Trans Support Group through Queer Menomonie, our meetings are a bi-weekly and the group attendance ranges in various ages and gender identities.

To me, it’s an absolute privilege to be able to give resources and/or support to LGBTQIA+ identified people as well as to those who want to serve as an ally to the community. As it shows in much of what I’ve listed, I have a special interest in transgender awareness. It can very challenging to be a trans-identified person and it is important that transgender individuals have resources and support in whatever way they may need. One living their true authentic self is a gift for their soul and it paves the way to live a healthy and happy life.

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