Facts About Access


WHO can benefit from peer respite?

  • Adults who are live in Wisconsin.
  • People in crisis or approaching a crisis related to mental health and/or substance use.
  • People who need support, but NOT traditional medical care or treatment.
  • People who are willing and able to choose this service freely.
  • People who can safely and cooperatively live in a communal living environment.



HOW MUCH does it cost?

  • It is a FREE service for people who meet the criteria.



HOW does one sign up?

  • The interested person calls and talks to a member of the respite team.
  • The person is given more information.
  • We schedule a face-to-face meeting with the person to see if respite will work for them.



CAN I make a referral for someone else?
NO — we only consider self-referrals and here’s why:

  • Peer Support is proven to be very effective in supporting people in crisis and helping people to avoid crisis, however, peer support is ALWAYS BASED ON CHOICE.
  • People who need someone to make a referral for them may need more help than we can offer.  If that is true, a respite stay will not benefit them.



WHAT IF someone can’t come to the respite for a face-to-face meeting?

  • We may be able to come to where they are.
  • We may be able to support them in arranging transportation.
  • If there is no other choice, we can have our meeting over the phone.



CAN people drop in, or can anyone be dropped off?
NO — and here’s why:

  • We need to consider the needs of the current guests.
  • We may need to call in another member of the respite team to meet with them.
  • Due to staffing considerations, we will not be able to meet with people during night hours. However, we can ALWAYS talk to people and support them over the phone.



If you would like to talk, meet or get more information, please contact us:
800-770-0588 x 1 / 715 619-0588 / wellness@grassrootspower.org